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The Shed Presents La Stoppa & Ridgeview Wines (12th - 13th May 2017)

This May, The Shed will be celebrating the craft and expertise of two revered independent wine producers, La Stoppa from Italy and UK based, Ridgeview, via hosting two tasting events dedicated to these vineyards.  Choose from an intimate dinner or a laid-back lunch, the individual wines will be discussed by the wine grower and served alongside a carefully paired menu. Each event will be hosted by the supplier who will present a selection of delicious and unique wines, outlining their character, background and heritage. With only eight seats, one of the senior chefs from The Hand and Flowers will create each dish in front of the guests which will perfectly complement the chosen wine. 

Specialist Wine Dates:

Friday Dinner - 12th May, wine producer: La Stoppa »

Saturday Lunch - 13th May, wine producer: Ridgeview »